How to Choose the Best Vape Pen for Your Needs

How to Choose the Best Vape Pen for Your Needs


The vape pen is undoubtedly the most well-liked style of vaping equipment available today. Starter packages for vape pens are affordable, practical, and fashionable. They provide a premium vaping experience in a container that fits in your pocket while balancing performance and portability. In other words, if you want enormous vapor clouds and strong flavors but don’t want to buy a vape mod that’s too hefty to carry comfortably, a vape pen is just the kind of vaping equipment you want.

The fact that there are so many options makes purchasing a vape pen beginning kit problematic. Finding the characteristics that set the various vape pens apart from one another can occasionally be challenging. Approximately a dozen different vape pens are currently being produced by Innokin alone, so in this post, we’ll assist you in selecting the finest one for your requirements.

But first, let’s review some of the fundamentals of vape pens. What is a vape pen exactly?


How Do Vape Pens Work?

Any vaping device that is roughly cylindrical in shape and roughly the same size as a ballpoint pen is referred to as a “vape pen.” Typically, a vape mod is any vaping equipment that is much larger than a pen. 電子煙, on the other hand, are the name for vaping devices that resemble tobacco cigarettes. A vape pen may employ a disposable pod or a semi-permanent glass or plastic tank to store e-liquid. The main benefit of vape pens is that they provide a great mix between portability and performance. A vape pen is just a little bit bigger than a carlike, but it performs and produces vapor much more like a full-sized vape mod.


What Sets a CBD Vape Pen Apart from a Nicotine Vape Pen?

Vape pens can be used in two separate contexts. Both vaping pens for CBD vape oil and nicotine are available. We’ll concentrate on assisting you in finding the best vape pen for nicotine e-liquid in this article. The Innokin I.O. vape pen is a good option if you’re looking for a multipurpose device that can use both nicotine e-liquid and CBD vape oil.


Consider the Inhaling Style When Choosing the Best Vape Pen

The most crucial aspect of your purchasing selection when looking for a beginning kit for a vape pen is selecting a vape pen made for your preferred inhaling style. Since your inhaling technique is the foundation of your vaping experience, we at Innokin go to great pains to describe the intended inhaling techniques for each of our devices in the product descriptions. Here are the three various inhalation techniques.

  • Mouth to lung (MTL): This method of breathing involves drawing the vapor into your mouth before breathing it into your lungs. The電子煙 inhaling approach, which is the same as the one you do when smoking a cigarette, is what most novice vapers favor. Anyone who appreciates high-nicotine e-liquids and a strong throat hit should try MTL vaping. MTL vaping is for beginning vapers.
  • Direct to lung (DTL): When you vape using this technique, you’ll take a deep breath in, sending the vapor directly to your lungs. Because it enables you to enjoy massive vapor clouds and full, rich flavors, the DTL inhaling style is popular among experienced vapers. DTL vaping is for those who want a smoother vaping experience over a potent throat hit and lower-nicotine e-liquids.
  • Restricted direct lung (RDL) inhalation: This technique involves taking the vapor directly into your lungs. However, using an RDL vaping device results in a small amount of throat hit because to the airflow resistance. RDL vaping is for those who prefer thicker clouds without completely removing throat hits from their vaping experience. E-liquids of low and medium strength perform best when used with RDL vape pens.


What Sets Tank-Based Vape Pens Apart from Pod-Based Vape Pens?

You’ll see that Innokin manufactures both conventional tank-based vape pens and pod systems when you browse our assortment of vaping products. These are the main distinctions between the two types of vape pens: • A classic vape pen often has a glass or plastic tank that is cylindrical in shape and is a bit bigger than a pod system. Traditional vape pens often give a little bit more e-liquid storage, battery life, and vapor production than pod systems because they are normally a little bigger. The tank is frequently a threaded component that may be taken out and swapped out for another tank if preferred.

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